Hello and Welcome. I love to help Biz Ladies “Ooomph” up their social feeds, designs and graphics using Canva

(ps…it’s easier than you think!)

Hey hey there!

I’m Sonya, a former beauty therapist, marketing fanatic and a gal who is obsessed with Canva, and all things online.  (and I loooove white lilies).

I haven’t always been this  geeky, nerdy girl that I am now. In the past I would dabble in a bit of design etc, but would always get my clever, tecky hubby to help me do all those hard digital, design things I couldn’t get my head around.

UNTIL ONE DAY…….he said ……..

“Honey, you are going to have to figure this stuff out for yourself.  You can do it.” (insert a look of a panic, and total freak out!).

So I hate to admit it but he was right and I did figure things out with his occasional help.

Now I don’t always get all my ducks in a row, (sometimes I think they have been to a rave party down the road…), but then who ever really does.  The main thing is that we keep trying.

This is what led me to Canva.  Yes I’m officially hooked and visit them everyday, online via my account of course. (I’m not really a stalker…).

I realised that if I could figure out Canva, then everyone can too.

Soon I was able to do all the design for my salon for social media, my blog and email newsletters.

 Even for my printed promotional flyers, specials and offers that I used every month in my salon.


So if you need some inspo or you’re a bit of a  newbie with online images and graphics?  I’d love you to come and join the journey.

Plus, we’ll have fun too.

Being yourself in marketing and online, (yes your quirky and sometimes funny, weird and unusual self), is what I’ve found to be the secret ingredient that really clicks with your clients.

Remember ……there’s only one you. 🧡💜

My motto is kind of like this:

If you only move 5 cm forward, you are heading towards moving a mountain.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and getting creative.


Sonya xx

Need some help to tackle your marketing? Pop on over to my Freebies page to snavel up some goodies to get your marketing mojo on. xx

Or if you want to learn Canva and haven’t got it down pat just yet join my FREE Canva for L Platers Course where you get 6 easy to follow tutorials to show the basics that will get you starting to design like a pro. 

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