How To Create an eBook for Your Business

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How To Create An eBook For Your Business

eBook’s are great for your business. You can showcase all your products and service and it’s an awesome tool to save you so much time dealing with repetitive tasks (like answering the same old questions)  in your biz.

These simple but effective PDF’s can be created quickly (I have a super quick way of making them) and can be altered if needed when your circumstances change.

Before I get into how I create my information booklets I wanted to share why they are so awesome for your business.




Why Send an eBook?


The humble eBook can transform your business and save you time.

So often we seem to get asked the same questions about our businesses day after day, and answering them can be so very time consuming when you are constantly repetitively returning emails with the same answers.


I’m going to share my 10 fave reasons why eBooks can transform your business


  1. You can use it to answer all those frequently asked questions you get each day by sending the pdf eBook.  (saves loads of time).
  2. It’s a great first impression and quick response/instant download for your client.
  3. Make it as snazzy and colorful as you like.
  4. Ebook PDF’s can have clickable links. You can send your clients straight to your online store, share your website, provide a link to your social media accounts and other downloads such as wholesale order forms.
  5. Add photos of your products and provide more detailed information on them. Colour variations, textures, packages.
  6. Add an upsell and share other service that you offer that they may have not been aware of.
  7. Have all your contact information in one tidy place.
  8. Share client testimonials
  9. Tell more about your biz ethics and mission statement
  10. Low cost as you can send it by email.


How Do I Create An Ebook?

You can create one easily using a Word document.  If you are only sending text style information the word documents will do the job fine.

If you would like to use something with more of a magazine style layout, Canva is a wonderful option. It’s a great platform especially for the graphic newbie or those challenged in design…plus it’s my fave.

Templates in Canva can be as simple as you like or you can go a little wild and add images, groovy texts and fonts, headers and footers and load up all your product photos and place them in a booklet style layout.

You can choose from pre-made magazines style layouts and move the elements around to make it work for your personal business style.

Type into the Create a design option on the Canva dashboard the word ebook and it will open up to the pre-made templates on offer.

Some have additional pages as well such as content, recipe layouts, welcome and product pages.

If you are new to Canva and not sure where to start, I have a free 6 Video Course for the Canva L Plater.  Only short 5 minute videos to help guide you editing texts, fonts, uploading your images, using some of the cook text effect and line tools.

You can find it here Canva For the L Platers Course



Not Sure If eBooks Will Work in Your Biz?

Some businesses may not benefit from an eBook and would rather do 1 to 1 in person with their clients.

But I’ve found most businesses can benefit from an eBook or Information Booklet.

Wedding planners and events management are constantly being asked the same questions on price, location, bookings etc, and an eBook may just cut out so much of that to-ing and fro-ing with emails.

Jewelry Designers

Caked Decorators

Yoga Instructors


Coaches and Mentors

Ecommerce Stores


Events Management



Ebook Template Kit

I’ve created an eBook Template Kit specifically with business in mind.

It’s a time saver as you can upload your images and slide them into the photo spots easily. Plus cut and paste your own text into the text boxes.

Voila easy peasy.

The kit comes with 24 pages that you can switch around, edit, swap out elements such as text boxes and image place holders to make a more tailored eBook for your business.

Work Book or Pintables

The eBook Template Kit can be use to create workbooks, pintables or even a simple one page to forward to your clients.

If you would like to check it out you can pop on here.

If you are new to Canva they offer a free account that has a mountain of options and awesome for those who may find creating their own graphics and designs a little tricky. Free Canva Account you can get one here.

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