16 Valentines Day Biz Instagram Templates  

– $7


Sharing the loooove this Valentines Day with your customers is easy with pre-made customizable Instagram Templates.

Valentines Day Biz Sale templates consist of, quotes, fun social posts and online store sale offers.

All the Templates can be reused during the entire year for other promotions such as Mothers Day, Black Friday Sales, Holiday Weekend Sales, End of Financial Year….well the list is endless.’

With 2 x sets of 16 templates in each (two different colour options), you’ll have your socials glowing with these promotional Canva Templates.

Edit your brand colours, texts, fonts, image elements to suit and style for your business.


Video Tutorial

If you are a newbie to Canva or just have put designing in the “too hard” basket, rest assured you will get your head around editing the templates with the tutorial on how to edit your templates.

  • How to change the background to your brand colours.
  • Shows you how to change the text using the Text Effect Tool in Canva.
  • Editing the elements to match your branding.

Other Features:

  • All elements can be used in both the Free and Pro Canva accounts.
  • Two Sets of 16 Valentines Day Biz Templates. Hot Pink, Black & White and Grey & Pale Pink and Gold Options.