Stand Out From the Crowd and Welcome Your Clients with Thank You Vouchers

– $17


Thank you Vouchers are a great way to reward and thank your new clients for buying and patronizing your business. 

You will stand out from the crowd and it’s a great way grow your client list too.

I grew my salon client list from 65 customers to 2,400 in three and a half years all due to the amazing Thank you Voucher System.

Customers love to be rewarded and want to feel appreciated for being loyal to any business and it’s easy when you have Thank you Voucher Templates on hand ready to go.

By acknowledging and thanking them for purchasing or visiting your business, they’ll not only be surprised, but will become raving fans in the process. (plus tell all their friends).

And this system can be done via email too!

Thank You Vouchers will set you apart in your biz industry, nurture client relationships, grow your data base and can be used both in ecommerce and service based businesses.



What you will receive in the Thank you Voucher System


THE THANK YOU VOUCHER TEMPLATES that you can customize to your biz brand colors, fonts and branding.

11 pages in the eBook to help guide you step by step and get your clients coming back running.

Why doing something different will help you stand out from the crowd and grow your biz client list really quickly.


E-Book Help

The How To Use Thank You Vouchers To Grow Your Biz e-book will guide you and get you up and running from the get go.  In my e-book I share

  • My strategies to get clients to act on their Thank You Vouchers to want to come and use them ASAP.
  • How “The More You Tell, The More You Sell” will answer FAQ questions about your biz.
  • How the Rules guideline can be an asset for your business and not a hinderance.
  • How you can make your Thank You Vouchers either be a simple generic format or a more personal touch if you prefer.


✔ Please note this is a digital product so no items will be shipped. After purchase the  PDF file will be emailed to you with the link to access your Thank You Voucher templates.

✔  You can get started straight away editing your Thank you Voucher Templates – fonts, colours, wording , dollar value to suit your business. The templates won’t need a lot of editing and come just about ready to go or you can go wild and change everything if you like.

✔ You will need to have a Free or Pro Canva account. If you haven’t as yet, you can go to and sign up for one. It’s super easy.

✔ Templates come in one size 14.8cm x 10.5 cm and can be used over and over again.

✔  Free fonts and elements are used in the Thank You Voucher Templates or you can upload and use your own.

✔ The wording, dollar value and imagery on the templates are suggestions only and feel free to change it for your own specific needs.

Most of all, have fun😊