Tiered Priced Selling

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You’ve probably already seen this style of Tiered priced selling before. It’s usually in the form of something like –  Free, Standard and Premium, or Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Tiered priced selling is a way of giving your customers 3 options to buy from you.

Or if you have a product or service, you can segment them into 3 (or more) different services to suit different customer markets.

Plus, the 3 tier pricing strategy seems to work in just about any industry.

So, you’re probably wondering why offer tiered priced selling?

And I’m hearing you.  Is it just another way of creating more work for the already overworked business owner?

This 3-tier pricing strategy is a great way of getting clients to pop into an entry level of a product or service or a “try before you buy” kind of option.

It’s not always a  “one fits all” approach to selling these days.

What a tiered approach offers is more of

“What option would I like to buy? “ 

Plus, it takes away what I call “cafeteria” style of purchasing.  You know they read it off the menu or price list and choose what they want.

Most often the customer will not splurge but choose what is the most needed option for them at the time.

With the tiered style of marketing, you give your clients a bundle of offerings for a certain price.

The great thing with three tier pricing strategy is that you can pretty-well guarantee that customers will be happy to choose one of the options available.

I think that may be more pleasing for the customer as well.

With so many businesses changing their business model these days (because well really you never know what is happening from day to day in this current environment), variety and flexibility is key when selling to your customers.

How do I create a three-tier pricing strategy to my clients?

Don’t worry as it’s super easy.

So as an example, if you are in the beauty industry you may want to offer a great Mother’s Day Special.

But the customers purchasing the wonderful Mother’s Day gift all have a different budget to spend.


  • The husband who wants to pamper his wife, so money is no object.
  • You have the adult children who have no clue what to buy for mum or what she may want.
  • The family pet who wants to thank the neighbour next door for being a great substitute mum during the year. (Purchased usually by the pet owner).
  • The God daughter of the family.
  • Grandchildren, close friends, and stepchildren.
  • Those who want to get an add on gift to accompany a larger gift already purchased.


Well, you can see the list is endless.

To create the packages start with the premium offering first 

  1. Add all the offerings you think are at the premium price and create a luxurious package.
  2. Then go to the second highest offering taking out some of the really premium services keeping it appealing but minus the few top of the range items..
  3. Lastly the lowest packaged offering is not measly but has a taste of the standard services and products to get a true feel of what you are about.

If you ask most salon owners, they’ll get customers coming in just before Mother’s Day to buy mum a voucher.  They go over and over the salon price menu and can not make up their mind what to get.

This can be standard for most businesses.

How to solve the problem…….easy.  Suggest they look at the specials on offer for Mother’s Day.

When they realise, they have a three-price option to choose from, it gives them some real guidance.  Most often they will choose the top tiered offer as they want to please their mum.

Those wanting to buy a simple thank you or appreciation gift may choose the mid to lower offering.

In most cases I’ve found more are sold at the mid to top offering.


A great way to see this is in action is when buying a membership like an email provider or social media scheduling tools.

You will find that the company always has a free, standard and premium tiered structured pricing plan.

Will Tiered Priced Selling Work for my Business?

Not all businesses can benefit from pricing structured marketing especially if you work for an hourly rate.

Creating too many offerings will confuse your customers and they will more than say no.😕

Sometimes you just have to put it out there, give it a good try and see if it’s what your customers wanting.

If you want to ask your customers what they are wanting from your business pop onto the blog here on how to ask your clients questions.

I can say from experience that this was one of the best things I did when I had my salon.  Three tiered offerings worked amazingly.

Everyone loves to have a choice.  If you only have one option then your clients will say yay or nay to that.

But when there are 3 options available then they may say…..mmmm…what one is right for me?


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