Why Asking Your Customers Questions Is Great For Your Business

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Why Asking Your Customers Questions is Great For Your Business


Want to find the secret formula for knowing what your clients really want and how to please them?
It’s super easy…..just ask!

Now I could end the blog post here….ha ha, but the reason asking your clients what they want will save you

  • time,
  • money,
  • marketing mistakes
  • and assuming

Yes assuming would have to be the biggest danger word in business. and one of the the classic things I’ve done over the years .

(note the word ass is at the beginning of the word!!)



Do I Know What My Customers Really Want?


You probs wondering why should I ask my customers what they want as I already know.
They are raving fans, love what we do and use our services and products all the time?
Well that is true and I’m hearing you, but I thought the same thing a few years back when I had my salon.
I was very surprised at how off the mark I was with thinking I already knew what my clients really wanted.

My Salon Mistake

Always wanting to excite and please my clients I went and ordered boxes of gorgeous body products. Scrubs, body butters that were luxurious, small and large.

They smelled gorgeous and we displayed them beautifully.

I let my clients know we had them in stock via our newsletter and email.

A couple of jars were purchased but not a lot of interest. I was wondering why they didn’t like them?


So Why didn’t our products run out the door?


I couldn’t understand why our products weren’t a winner. We used them in our treatments, were  beautiful to use, top quality and the clients actually could try before they buy.
but after asking them what they actually wanted I got a totally different answer. Very surprising.

So What Did Our Salon Clients Want?

Well the answer was makeup and jewelry.  Not at all what I thought they were after.
And we got both in and they sold really well.

So….How Hard is it Asking Your Customers Questions?

You might be hesitant to ask straight out so here are a few of my fave ways to get around it.

  • Have your client fill out a survey at the end of a treatment/session or visit. These are like Happy Chappy forms.
  • If you use Instagram for your social media create a story with question stickers. Surprising what you find out  and you get the answers within 24 hours.
  • If your clients have to sit in the waiting room have a “What would you like”  form on the counter with pens and get them to fill them out anonymously and pop into the box.
  • Create a survey with your email provider.
  • Ask as a question on the client information form they fill in before treatment or session.
  • When you send out your  Thank you voucher after their first visit accompany it with a “Tell Us What You Want” card.
  • Send out an email.
  • If you have information nights have a questionnaire  in the goodie bag and get clients to fill in before they leave.


When prompted people are more likely to answer questionnaires and survey forms.



What If I Don’t Ask My Customers Questions?

Good question!!

If clients are never asked questions as to what they would like to have from you and your business, they may wander and look for one that will give them what they need and are desiring.

The downside of not asking may not appear to be a worry for you at this time but what if it could change everything for you?

Most customers are unlikely to come out and say something unless they are a very disgruntled client.

Sometimes those that aren’t happy rarely tell you and keep it to themselves. The downside is they may tell 10 of their friends.  Yikes not good.


Most of all it’s all about caring for your clients and customers.  They best way to do it is to know what they are wanting and looking for.

Most of all have fun with your marketing,

Sonya xx


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