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Want to grow your biz, stand out from the crowd, joosh up your graphics with low to no cost marketing strategies?

Hi and Welcome to Just Womens Business where I’d love to show you how.

(plus have an awesome fun time doing it without tearing your hair out!). Ok, lets get started!


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Hey hey there!

I’m Sonya, a former beauty therapist, marketing fanatic and a gal who’s in love with Canva, and all things online.

When you’re creating and designing a business, you don’t always have the know how or finances to get you there.

When I had my beauty salon and had just started out, I had to find a way to bring clients in fast.  I would call it “Save Your Butt Marketing” as literally that’s what it did for my business.

Low to No Cost Marketing

Most of the things we did with our marketing were low to no cost, but made a massive difference to not only growing our client list but also filling appointments and creating awesome irresistible specials that our customers loved.

I soon found out  there are so many free business resources and options available to get you started and help bring clients and customers to your website or storefront.

Can I Help You?

It’s easy to grow your business without the expense and technical hassle that we often think we need to know or have the ability to do. That’s why I started Just Womens Business.

Designing social media posts or creating awesome eBooks that you can turn into product catalogues, workbook or downloadable PDFS might sound like hard work but once you get a couple things sorted all you do is Rise and Repeat.

Easy Peasey I say.


Not arty or feel like designing graphics can be a nightmare? 

Never fear Canva is here.

Designing For Your Business Quickly & Easily



Creating social media posts, website designs, email graphics. printed flyers and eBooks can be one of the best ways to tell the world about you and your business.

But if you were anything like me I often got myself into a pickle every time I wanted to create something arty for my biz.

That’s when I found out all about easy to use Canva Templates.

If you are new to Canva, it’s a platform designed to help us “non arty” or “teckie” people to be able to create awesome graphics for your business.

And trust me they’ll look just as cool as the big dudes designs too. 😍 (plus it saved my “tushie”too).

If you are a design newbie or a Canva beginner, I have a Free Canva L Platers’s Course.

It’s a quick 6 mini video course to show you how you can get your graphics done really quickly and easily using Canva.

You can grab the Couse here

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So…come on…let’s get this party started! 🎈


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