How to Create Content Quickly in Canva

Create multiple different posts and projects all at once with the Quick Create option in Canva. Choose from 8 different options, Instagram posts/stories, email headers, Pinterest pins, LinkedIn, Facebook banner/post and Twitter post.

The Quick and Create Tool takes the stress out of designing templates from scratch and keep all of the chosen template options looking all similar with your brand colours or suggested colours from the Canva colour palette .

Video Time: 6 mins 




How to Use the Draw Tool in Canva – 2021 

earn Canva’s newest feature, the Draw Tool in this 6 minute video tutorial. You’ll see how you can highlight text, draw and create outlines to draw attention to certain elements of your templates or social media posts.

With 4 options to choose from, Pen, Marker, Glow and Highlight plus eraser. With the colour picker to create matching colour elements easily.

Video Time: 6 mins 19 seconds



How To Make Social Media Icons Into GIFS

Want to customize your social media icons?
What about make them into Gifs that you can use in emails, websites and blog posts?
In this tutorial I’ll show you how easy it is to customize and animate your social media icons for your business.

Video Time: 7 mins 24 secs


Photo Filters for your Instagram Feed in Canva

Would you like to know a quick way to add a filter to all your images for Instagram?
Gorgeous Instagram feeds often have a similar tone and feel to their feeds.
There’s a stack of filters to choose from and you’ll be amazed at how you can turn a group of odd coloured photos into a beautiful sequence of matching images.
And it works for text designs too.

Video Time: 8 mins


Create Social Media Icons in your business branding colours.

Want to create social media icons in your own business branding colours? It’s super easy with Canva.

In this video tutorial I’ll show you how you can create your fave Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media icons into ones that will fit your colour palette for your business. If you need help how to pick brand colours for your business you can grab your free Mood Board Template in the blog here.

Video Time: 5 mins


Time Saving Hacks in Canva 

In this tutorial I’ll show you my fave ways you can speed up our design process, duplicate, edit and create more templates quickly and faster in Canva. Also your designing can be a breeze when you know how to save time and avoid frustration with the undo and redo button in Canva. While duplicating templates and designs can save you loads of frustration as you can edit one while having a master copy on hand to refer back to.

Video Time: 4 mins 


How To Uploads Video’s Into Canva Mockups

Canva allows you to upload your own videos and screen recordings and place them into elements like desktop computers, iPhone, iPad, frames and shapes. This 3 minute Canva tutorial will show you how you can place them into the frames and pop photos of computer screen shots or images.

A great way of promoting your freeb opt-in or new course allowing your followers to see it in action whilst on your Instagram or Facebook feeds.

Video Time: 3 mins 17 sec


If you’d like to see all of the How To Canva Tutorials you can visit the Just Womens Business YouTube Channel here: