5 Free Marketing Tools For Start Ups

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5 Free Marketing Tools For Startups

Starting out in the online world and creating a business from scratch can be tricky if you don’t have a lot of money or income.

But thankfully there are a plethora of free marketing tools for those who may be in the startup stage of their biz.

When getting started you are (well I was) constantly searching for Images, Vector Graphics, design tools, email providers and trying to find the easiest way to do it!

So you ask…What would the right digital marketing tools be for a beginner?

I wanted to share my fave 5 Free Digital Marketing Tools that have helped me get my biz going and that I totally love. They have saved me time, money, hassle, and I just enjoy going back to use them over and over again.

Plus have kept me out of the looney bin.

These online digital tools are free, easy to navigate, help you get that professional look without needing to spend loads of money.

And seriously, you don’t need a tech degree to figure them out either.

Free Image Sites


Pixabay  pixabay.com  |  Pexels  pexels.com  |  Unsplash  unsplash.com

Love love love these 3 sites and am on them quite frequently.


Searching for your Keyword Images.

While searching for your particular images, some of the sites search options work really well, while others may need a few different suggestions to get the result you are looking for.

For example. If I was looking for cupcakes I’d type into the search bar, cupcakes.  Some sites generalize this and you’ll find cakes of all sorts come up in the search.

Wedding, birthday, cupcakes, biscuits, cup of tea and cakes….well I think you get the picture.

Sometimes it’s easy to add the colour you are looking for. So pink cupcakes can make all the difference. 

Paid for Image sites usually have a great filtering option for your biz needs

Though you will have to pay for the images.


Free Design Platforms

Canva  canva.com

Unapologetically Canva would have to be my fave of all of them. But then again I have to admit I’m on Canva every day, use it multiple times a day and may be a little hooked on it!

If you need help with Canva I have a FREE Canva for L Platers Course with 6 mini video tutorials plus 6 Instagram Templates that you can use for your social media.

To get access just click here




Image Splitter

Pinetools  https://pinetools.com/split-image 

A great tool for splitting images and works perfectly for Instagram if you would like to create a unique full line of images across 3 tiles in your account.


Background Removal Tool

Removebg   remove.bg

How often do you need to get rid of a background from an image?  I seem to need to do it all the time.

Perfect for profile images. By removing the background you can re-use your own image and relay it onto another background. Rather snazzy.

Email Provider

AWeber  aweber.com

Aweber has been a great email provider website to navigate. (yes especially for me).

I have sent countless emails over the years and have not had any issues at all.

You can save drafts of the templates you use, send them over to another email list to tweak and reuse, add links, photos, tag your sign up customers and group them in category’s if you need too.

Just wonderful.


Upgrades and Limits

Some of the free online digital marketing and design tools can have the option (such as Canva) to go pro, meaning a paid for upgrade.

I use Canva pro and love it, mainly for the folder options, saved branding colours and font options and selected pro tools.

But the free version is awesome, and you can do so much with that anyway.

Email Service Pricing Tiers

AWeber is free for the first 500 subscribers, but then it’s a paid for option once you go over that amount. (I think…not quite sure if it’s around $19 per month or cheaper if you pay annually).

Licensing Agreements

The free image sites still have licensing rules and I suggest no matter what you do, always check that out before you use them.

If you are searching for images for logos and commercial use or anything for that matter, and not sure, always ask beforehand.

It’s better to get that sorted before you go ahead with your project. Some sites have chat options too.


If you get stuck you can always Google your question and can also go to YouTube for help.

I have had so many easy-to-follow tutorials on subjects I didn’t even realise would be available.  Thank the Lord for youtuber’s.

Oh ps if you haven’t already checked out Just Women’s Business YouTube account for tutorials all things Canva and Marketing, you can pop on over here.

Free Canva Account you can get one here.

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